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Brett Raguse Logan Mayoral Campaign 2020

Thank you to everyone for your continuing support of the '2020 Mayor of Logan' Campaign.

Our small campaign team will need a lot of help over the period of this campaign and in particular on election day - so if you can find time to assist the team to help out during the campaign, it would be greatly appreciated.

Brett's Commitment
Brett Raguse understands the complexity of leading and running large organisations and in the case of Council it largely relies on good communication from 'councillor to councillor' and 'council officer to council officer' and then ultimately to our residents.

Brett has developed a number of policies that he believes will guide the new council through a series of changes over the next few years while also being fully aware of the need to repair our reputational damage and also to bring confidence and 'pride in our city' back to the residents of Logan.

These policies are predicated on the notion of transparency and an honest approach by our newly elected couuncillors to take us forward in a 'Fresh Start for Logan'.  #freshstartforlogan 

The policies published on this site can be downloaded and distributed to anyone wanting to know more about what Brett Raguse has committed to as Mayor of Logan.


We want to be sure that the people of Logan are aware of what Brett Raguse can bring to the city and we need your help to get the message out, particularly if you have your own experiences with what Brett has been able to achieve for our community over many years. You can simply help by sharing, liking and commenting on the social media posts, it will greatly assist the campaign

Booth Workers
We will also need people to staff booths around the city on the day of the election and our 'Booth Captains' will be there to ensure everyone is properly informed and supported during the day.

Anyone with the passion to be involved in an extremely important election will be warmly welcomed into campaign team.

There are many organising tasks that will be required over the coming election period. The administration tasks behind the scenes are many and varied so if you would like to provide help we would appreciate any assistance you or family and friends can provide - 'as many hands will make light work', if you would like to help please fill in the form below and forward  to us to show your support for the Brett Raguse for Mayor 2020 team. 

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What can you help us with ?
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