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Experience Counts

The new Council which will be elected on 28th March 2020 and with the possibility of a complete change of Councillors and Mayor the question around experience is very important one to discuss. Today I want to talk about my many years of experience and why I feel I am the best candiidate for the 2020 Logan City Mayoral Elections

Leadership Skills

After 2 years without Councillor representation the the people of Logan City will finally go to the polls on the 28th March 2020 to elect a new council. The position of Mayor will be well contested and the residents will need to elect someone with proven Leadership Skills.

Lower Rates

There is always lots of debate about lower rates for home owners and in the past Logan council has always proposed more expensive rates than our neighbouring cities. We dont have to pay the highest rates and if elected I will have a strategy that I think will lower rate increases and benefit all home owners.

Improved economy will create more jobs

Logan is a city that is ideally located to service both Gold Coast and Brisbane and we should be capitalising on our location. To do so we need to create pathways that will attact industry, manufacturing and commercial offices into our city.